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Download these on your desktop and set them up to run in the background.

Check Out WowApp invite your friends, use the smartweb search feature and browser extension and it will add up when your using your computer. I set it as my home page and use it to search it adds up. I see some potential for serious income from it as the downline grows.

One way to automate your income is to own a website and to leverage the CPU power of your website visitors by using their CPU’s to mine cryptocurrency.  Make sure to inform your sites visitors with a disclaimer.

Need a website? Check out:

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My Cash Bar and Ticker Bar earn both automatically on your computer screen and if you sign folks up with your affiliate links you can earn off your referrals too.



One way to increase your automated income is to increase the traffic to your website through AutoSurf Traffic Exchanges:, fast and efficient autosurf

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Increase Website Traffic

To Automate your website income production first join some ad programs and place their links on your site.



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This program is all about Automated Income Systems.

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